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09:55am 18/11/2002
mood: relieved
Photos from Pickle Meets Ripsnorter 02/11/02 now online, more soon.
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11:39pm 16/11/2002
  Photos from the November Ripsnorter are now available here

More recent events to be uploaded soon ...
Sorry For The Delay! 
10:33pm 13/11/2002
mood: exhausted
Galleries for the following events are now being built :-

Tribe Of Frog Halloween Special @ The Black Swan
Sci-ting @ The Thekla
Pickle Meets Ripsnorter @ Imperial Gardens
Ruckus @ The Thekla
Ripsnorter Gets Pickled @ The Depot

They'll Be Online ASAP ... Sorry for the delay!
2nd (Minor) Update 
09:45pm 30/10/2002
  This update following LeeC's criticism :
When you follow a link from a gallery page to an individual photo, you will now find a back button enabling you to return to the gallery you originated from without using the standard browser button.
1st update 
09:53pm 28/10/2002
  OK, this journal is now linked in with the site and I have uploaded all of the photos from the last ripsnorter (12/10/02) ... Enjoy!

More to follow ...
Testing ... Testing ... 1,2,3 ... 
06:48pm 28/10/2002
  As I'm building the Merlin-Images website, most of the postings on this Journal will come from me - I hope you enjoy my work, it's a pleasure bringing these beautiful images to you.  
05:59pm 28/10/2002
  This is the first posting for the new Merlin-Images journal - this is where news, reviews, updates, competitions and anything else we can be arsed with will be posted. Feel free to post feedback!

Stay tuned ...